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Second Annual

Stephen Dill Lee Institute

October 20-21, 2006 · Macon State College · Macon, Georgia

Historical Conference



 If you’ve met The Real Lincoln, perhaps you need  to come see Lincoln  Unmasked: (Things You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe)


Thomas DiLorenzo · Clyde Wilson · Donald Livingston

Marshall DeRosa · Brain Cisco















The Georgia Division in cooperation with the Gen. Edward Dorr Tracy, Jr. Camp # 18 will be sponsoring the Second Annual Stephen Dill Lee Institute at Macon State College in Macon, Georgia on Friday, October 20th and Saturday, October 21st.  The purpose of the history symposium is easy.  Up until about the 1960s, the remembrance of our Confederate heritage was widely respected in this country, once referred to as these united States.  While preaching tolerance and inclusivity, the intolerant, single-minded purveyors of all things liberal with the New England mindset have, since the 1960s, cranked their war up another notch or two.  For the last few years, “those people” have been controlling the public arena of ideas.  It is time to draw the line in the sand.


As  Dr. Clyde Wilson has said: “The Institute could serve as an umbrella to provide initiative and support for needed research and publication.”  If you have any interest in being published or contributing to the body of truth that exists concerning the Confederacy, you must attend the Institute. If you desire knowledge so that you can load your guns, words and ideas, to fight this battle for the hearts and minds of the public in general, you must attend the Institute.  If you want to be able to give your children and grandchildren answers, in stead of ‘I don’t knows’, you must attend the Institute.


“To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans” , the call comes forth.  The Stephen Dill Lee Institute is an outstanding opportunity to learn from some of the best minds the South has to offer.  The time is now to live our Charge.  As Dr. Clyde Wilson has said: “ The attack is now and we are here. If we don’t fight a skillful and comprehensive campaign now, nobody else will, and our heritage may be lost forever and our children and grandchildren never know who they are.”


Program Schedule:


            Friday, October 20th                            1:00-2:00         Registration

                                                                        2:00-4:30         Sessions

                                                                        6:30-7:30         Reception

                                                                        7:30-8:30         Writers Forum

                                                                                      Thomas DiLorenzo


            Saturday, October 21st                        8:00-9:00         Registration

                                                                  9:00-11:30       Sessions

                                                                 11:30-1:30        Dinner (on your own)

                                                                  1:30-2:30         Session

                                                                  2:45-6:15         Tour of Macon

                                                                  7:00-8:30         Banquet, Open Forum


Cost:      $54.00,  Includes Saturday Banquet

                               $46.00,  Does NOT include Saturday Banquet

                                          $36.00,  Saturday Only,  Does NOT include Banquet


Make checks payable to: Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans


Mail to:                 Tom Brown, GA Division Adjutant

                              P.O. Box   217

                              Eastanollee,  GA   30538-0217


Topics of discussion and speakers include:


 “Northern Economic Exploitation of the South”, by Thomas DiLorenzo

 “Lincoln and Slavery”, by Donald Livingston

“Yankee War Crimes”, by  Brian Cisco

“The Confederate Constitution”, by Marshall DeRosa

“States Rights”, by Clyde Wilson.


Facilities:    Macon State College; 

                                                         Department of Continuing Education Auditorium

                        100 College Station Drive

                                 Macon,  Georgia   31206-5144

      Take Exit 3,  I- 475 (Eisenhower Drive);  go West on U.S. 80 (Eisenhower Drive)  0.8 mile;

      Turn Right on to Ivey Road at the West Campus Entrance ( go past Main Entrance);

      Take the first Right into the parking lot and look for the signs leading to the Dept. Of Continuing Education Auditorium.












Stephen Dill Lee Institute

Macon State College                    October 20-21, 2006




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Text Box: �      Both Days + Banquet………………………………………………….$54.00
�      Both Days, NO Banquet……………………………………………….$46.00
�      Saturday ONLY,  NO Banquet………………………………………..$36.00
Each participant attending the Institute will please complete a  separate registration.







 Make your check payable to:    Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans


Mail to:                                                Tom Brown,  Division Adjutant

                                                            P.O. Box   217

                                                            Eastanollee,  GA   30538-0217


Host Hotel:                   Quality Inn,   Exit 3   I –475 ;   Macon,  GA

                                    (478) 781-7000    

                                    Rate:   $49.50/ night, single occupancy  (ref. Confim.# 154975)


Comments and suggestions:_____________________________________________________________








            For more information:   Al  Perry      E mail:   Phone: (912) 276-4440