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NASCAR doesn't want you at the racetrack if you fly the Confederate flag. Let NASCAR know how you feel. Join the Boycott and Pickett Lines in Support of Your Culture and Flags. Click the image above.
To see Brain France's - NASCAR Anti- Southern statement on CBS's 60 Minutes click hereRead Frank Gillispie's Commentary

The NCAA has stepped out of bounds of it 501c3 status by trying to force Colleges to change their mascot name and refusing to allow Colleges to participate in sports if they have in vestige of Confederate heritage. Click the image above to sign the petition and send letters to Congress to investigate.

The Museum of the Confederacy is planning to change it's name and also a possible move to another location. Why? Waite Rawls , President and CEO of the MOC and the Board of Directors have stated after reading the Peer Report that the Museum's collections must relocate and change the name in order to survive. 

The "peer" report makes 9 "core" recommendations and 5 "other" recommendations. It is important to note that, MOVING THE MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY, CHANGING THE NAME OF THE MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY, OR MOVING THE WHITE HOUSE OF THE CONFEDERACY ARE NOT CONTAINED IN THE FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE PEER STUDY. Instead, the peer study adamantly recommends that the museum, and its collection, remain in Richmond. None of the recommendations to resolve the current crises seem to have gotten much attention from the CEO and trustees of the museum, including the recommendations to seek redress from the State of Virginia, to work with other institutions and the ad hoc Cultural Resources Group to preserve and enhance the historic assets of the Court End/City Hall District, to create a five year capital and operating budget for the White House and employ that budget to set endowment and operating fund raising goals, and, most importantly, ACKNOWLEDGE AND HONOR THE VISION OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL LITERARY SOCIETY BY KEEPING THE CORE COLLECTION IN OR NEAR RICHMOND.

While the authors of the Peer Report have exquisite academic credentials, they still are academics, with no serious training or education in marketing or finance. We have never been shown a marketing feasibility study of the museum in its current position, with its current name. The Trustees and management of the museum, through either ignorance, incompetence, malfeasance or subterfuge, have run it into the ground. The peer review study states that the museum has ignored funding sources.......and this from an individual located in New York (page 47). How did the full time "CEO" of the museum, who was hired on the basis of his supposed fund-raising ability, and who is located in the state, and paid full time to run the affairs of the museum, "miss" these funding sources? Why does it take 32 "trustees" of the museum to run it into the ground?

Robert H. Lamb, SCV member and former Trustee of The Museum of the Confederacy, presented 14 recommendations to the Virginia General Assembly Joint Subcommittee to the cost and feasibility of relocating the  MOC and the White House of the Confederacy .

 1. That the Richmond Downtown Plan should be refined ASAP to require reconfiguring or demolishing   the decrepit Health, Safety and Welfare Building, so as to reopen the East Clay Street corridor between 9th and 10th Streets to vehicular traffic for the vital enhancement of access and museum synergy involving the MOC/Valentine/Marshall House.

2. That the rest of matters laid out in the Richmond Downtown Plan for reinvigoration of the Court End of Richmond be carried out by the City of Richmond ASAP, including adequate parking and signage in the immediate area.

3. That the Department of Historic Resources be given the power by the General Assembly to require changes in projects that adversely impact buildings and sites that have, or are deserving of, Virginia Historic Landmark status.

4. That VCU should dedicate its parking deck's upper level for the exclusive use of visitors to the MOC, as well as modify its construction design to provide for separate vehicular access/egress and a separate walkway there from for such visitors (one not involving entering the hospital), all of which should be conditions to run with the VCU parking deck land for as long as the MOC remains at its current location.

5. That VCU continue to provide steam heat under the conditions previously agreed to by the MOCNCU not only for the term agreed to for such, but also past such term if VCU and the MOC remained on their respective sites.

6. That the Commonwealth of Virginia and City of Richmond specifically agree to place enhanced directional and promotional signage relating to the MOC along appropriate roadways and highways to attract and guide visitors to the MOC.

7. Regarding the Tax Commissioner's tax credit ruling of July 26,2005 on 501(c)(3) organizations and conservation easements: if the General Assembly modifies the Virginia Land Conservation Incentives Act of 1999 to make any changes thereto adversely affecting donations/transfers for such organizations, such changes should be effective no earlier than July 1, 2006, so that tax credits there from, involving only a partial compensation for a perpetual burden on the land, could be sold at least within that window of opportunity by the MOC if a timely conservation easement donation had been made.

8. That the MOC place a conservation easement on its property with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and sell the credits there from promptly to generate money to sustain short-term operations during the early stages of a capital campaign.

9. That the Commonwealth of Virginia through its new visitor center at the State Capitol and through its tourism promotions, more aggressively market Confederate sites in Richmond, including the MOC .

10. That the City of Richmond aggressively promote visitation of its Confederate sites, including the MOC.

11. That VCU provide significant monies to the MOC not only for mitigation of its current construction activities, but also for its past negative impact on the MOC, through 2015 (the last year of the sesquicentennial of the War Between the States).

12. That VCU, in its future construction activities, commit to take no further action injurious to the MOC.

13. That the MOC use the positive message of such recommendations to galvanize a capital campaign immediately.

14. That the Museum and White House of the Confederacy remain at their present historic locations.