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Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson served on the VMI Faculty as Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy & Instructor of Artillery from August 1851 until the beginning of the Civil War in April 1861. The Virginia Military Institute Archives holds a large collection of Stonewall Jackson's personal papers, Jackson images, and other information about his life and times. Included on this page are links to full text correspondence, as well as to full text information about various topics of interest to Jackson researchers.


Popular Questions
Perennial favorites: Who shot Jackson?
What was the name of his horse? Where is he buried? & more!Winchester photo, 1862

Jackson Photographs
An online exhibit

Stonewall Jackson Papers
Read full text& view original documents

Jackson Timeline
Significant events & brief biography

Jackson Family Genealogy
Descendants and ancestors

Death and Funeral, May 1863
Letters, obituary, other documents

Major Jackson, Professor at VMI
His controversial teaching career

Execution of John Brown
Jackson's eyewitness account, 1859

Books About Jackson
A list of selected published resources

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